Representative Transactions

A summary of some of our representative transaction is set forth below.


132 Facilities

30 States

In August, 2010 Emeritus Corporation, in partnership with The Blackstone Group, acquired 132 facilities located in 30 States. Over the course of approximately 9 months, the Approvalign® team successfully secured for Emeritus the hundreds of assisted living and/or skilled nursing facility licenses and the thousands of ancillary licenses and permits that Emeritus needed to operate the facilities.


24 Facilities

8 States

In late June, 2013 Emeritus Corporation announced a deal involving the leasing of 24 facilities in 8 States. The targeted closing date was September 1, 2013. The Approvalign® team members, working in conjunction with Emeritus’ California counsel, secured the regulatory approvals needed for the closing to occur on schedule.


207 Facilities

28 States

In November, 2010 Sun Healthcare Group, Inc. (“Sun”) spun off ownership of certain of its long term care facilities to a newly formed real estate investment trust and concurrently leased them back and completed a corporate restructuring with respect to its ongoing operating entities. 207 facilities in 28 States and various ancillary businesses, such as hospice and rehabilitation therapy were impacted by this transaction. The Approvalign® team prepared and followed up on the necessary no CHOW confirmation letters for the facilities and business lines on the No CHOW List and assisted Sun’s in house regulatory staff in their efforts to obtain any required CHOW authorizations for the facilities and business lines on the CHOW List.


8 Facilities

5 States

In July, 2012, Fortress Investment Group formed a new operating subsidiary, Blue Harbor Senior Living, which acquired 8 assisted living facilities in 5 states. The Approvalign® team, in its role as special regulatory counsel to Blue Harbor Senior Living, secured the assisted living licenses and ancillary permits in 4 of the 5 states.


3 Facilities

1 State

In August, 2012, Santé Partners leased a campus consisting of a nursing home, assisted living facility and independent living facility in Silverdale, Washington. The Approvalign® team took the lead in ensuring that Santé received, on a timely basis, its skilled nursing facility and boarding home licenses, as well as all of the required ancillary licenses and permits, including a pharmacy license and in home care license. In a lease transaction involving a second facility in Silverdale, Washington, the Approvalign® team again successfully secured the assisted living license and ancillary permits which Santé was required to have for the timely closing of the transaction as of January 1, 2014.


1 Facility

1 State

On October 31, 2013, Frontline Management acquired a senior housing campus in Pueblo, Colorado. In addition to acting as transaction counsel, The Nathanson Group’s Approvalign® team took the lead in ensuring that Frontline secured a skilled nursing facility license and assisted living facility license in time for Closing and the necessary Medicare tie in notice and Medicaid provider agreement promptly after Closing.

CPA/New Construction

17 Facilities

11 States

Since 2012, The Nathanson Group has been regulatory counsel to Columbia Pacifica Advisors, a developer of assisted living and skilled nursing facilities throughout the United States. Through the Approvalign® team, The Nathanson Group has advised Columbia Pacific Advisors on the licensure requirements applicable to newly constructed facilities in various states, including Ohio, Texas, Maine, Massachusetts, Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut, and Arizona, and has assisted Columbia Pacific Advisors with securing on a timely basis the initial licensure of the facilities upon the completion of the construction thereof.

SilverStone Health Care Real Estate, LLC

3 Facilities

1 State

The Nathanson Group has been serving as special regulatory counsel to SilverStone Health Care Real Estate LLC since May, 2014. To date the Approvalign® team has assisted Silverstone in securing and/or monitored the progress of their operators in securing the required regulatory approvals to close several transactions in Texas .

ROC Seniors Housing

9 Facilities

6 States

The Nathanson Group serves as special regulatory counsel to ROC Seniors Housing. ROC is the owner and licensed operator of senior housing facilities throughout the United States. In the time that it has been representing ROC TNG’s Approvalign® team has successfully secured licenses for ROC in the States of Texas, New Jersey, Arizona, Ohio, Utah and Illinois.

Senior Lifestyles Corporation

5 Facilities

2 States

At the end of 2014, SLC leased five facilities from LTC Properties, Inc. in Iowa and Nebraska. The Approvalign® team ensured the timely issuance of the licenses required to operate those facilities effective as of January 1, 2015.

Chancellor Health Care, LLC

2 Facilities

1 State

Chancellor Health Care, LLC operates skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities in California, Maryland, Colorado and Oregon. Chancellor has engaged The Nathanson Group to assist with securing the regulatory approvals needed for two assisted living facility acquisitions in Oregon.